6 days in the sand (The end is near)

Again I lie here in the sand writing this with the Afghan sun beating down upon me, 40+ degrees sapping my energy with the same beads of sweat collecting the same sand that has been on my body for days, I look and smell dirty. As I write this I can feel my body being pushed by gravity further deeper into the desert floor as if it’s trying to keep me here and make me a permanent fixture of the afghan desert, as if the devil himself who opens his gates to hell every morning is pulling at me, enticing me to stay forever, it may not be a satanic battle like the film The Omen, but it’s a battle I intend to win as I recite the words “as I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil, for I am a British soldier”.

My time in the desert is coming to an end, I start to think about what awaits me once I get back to my home in the middle of nowhere, warm showers, fresh food, mail from home, a bed to sleep on and yes more sand, but I remind myself I’m still here, I still have a job to do, people depend on me, I mustn’t become complacent, I mustn’t switch off because somewhere out there the Taliban lay in wait.

This has been just 6 days in the sand out of the 6 months I’m deployed to Afghanistan, this is a small view of what we do, this is our lives and this is Afghanistan in 2012.

Regards Project Afghan.



About robgrimesphotography

Experienced and enthusiastic, I have a real passion for photography that I have gained over the years and that shines through in my pictures and my portfolio. I specialise in capturing those spontaneous moments that we otherwise could lose, either at your wedding or on a relaxed family shoot of your choice. I am always happy to talk about photography, so if you think I might be the right person to take your photographs then give me a ring to discuss your pictures, they are yours after all. Also a full time serving soldier in the Infantry in the British Army, but soon to be leaving the forces after Project Afghan finishes.
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8 Responses to 6 days in the sand (The end is near)

  1. “As I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil, for I am a British soldier”

    With words like that you should be Kipling!

    Stay happy Rob


  2. gimme a line when you decide – I’ve been out long enough to know how to convert the great military stuff into even better civvie stuff!

  3. Claire Borlase says:

    My Grandfather was a bomber pilot in WW2 in the middle east and North Africa region. I remember him saying,whenever anybody ever preached to him about the perils of going to hell …

    ” I know where Hell is, hotter then you can ever imagine. I have been there and fought the Devil with my friends . I fear nothing now, I have hopefully earned my place in heaven.” He would then bid the visitor farewell.

    Well done to all out there with you Rob.

  4. I simply love how you have described this Rob – we as the readers can really get a true feel for how it really is!

    T x

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