30 degrees and rising

I just wanted to write you all a quick update, to let you know that we are all slowly starting to get used to the 30 degree (plus) heat each day. The training over the past few days has been enjoyable, challenging and with long exhausting hours spent in the heat of the day and sometimes evening, but each hour is worth the knowledge to prepare us for what to expect in the future. So as we slowly make our way forward each day and with the heat increasing to around the 40 degree mark over the forthcoming weeks, we continue with a smile on our faces, enjoying the moment to reflect and the silence that a break and sleep brings us each evening.

Please also be aware that I did promise to blog and post an image daily, at the moment with work, internet connection and many other things out of my control, I might be unable to post daily, as you might have seen so far. But I will as soon as I can, keep you all updated and aware of what we are all up to.

Regards as always, Project Afghan

If you wish to see more images please follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.303409376375979.95122.140634405986811&type=3


About robgrimesphotography

Experienced and enthusiastic, I have a real passion for photography that I have gained over the years and that shines through in my pictures and my portfolio. I specialise in capturing those spontaneous moments that we otherwise could lose, either at your wedding or on a relaxed family shoot of your choice. I am always happy to talk about photography, so if you think I might be the right person to take your photographs then give me a ring to discuss your pictures, they are yours after all. Also a full time serving soldier in the Infantry in the British Army, but soon to be leaving the forces after Project Afghan finishes.
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8 Responses to 30 degrees and rising

  1. Keep up the good work mate and look forward to seeing more images in the next few months!



  2. Emma-Kate says:

    Great images! Especially love the first one.

  3. NJD says:

    Love the pics… Here’s your laugh………. first a short one… “Garage sale this Sunday 7AM until 100 degrees.”

    now, a long one…….
    A Texan dies and goes to hell. While down there the devil notices that the Texan is not suffering like the rest He checks the gauges and sees that it’s 100 degrees and about 80% humidity. So he goes over to the Texan and asks why he’s so happy. The Texan says, “I really like it here. The temperature is just like Dallas in June.”

    The devil isn’t happy with the Texan’s answer and decides to fix him, so he goes over and turns up the thermostat to 120 degrees and the humidity to 90%. After turning everything up he goes looking for the Texan. He finds him standing around unbuttoning his shirt, just as happy as can be. The devil quizzes the Texan again as to why he’s so happy. The Texan says, “This is even better. It’s like Austin in July.” The devil, now really upset, decides to make the Texan really understand that hell is no paradise. He walks over to the controls and turns the heat up to 140 degrees and the humidity to 100%. “Now let’s see what the Texan is up to,” he thinks. So he goes looking for the Texan. The devil finds the Texan taking his shirt off basking in the heat, even happier than before. The devil can’t figure it out. He asks the Texan why he’s happy now. The Texan replies, “This is great, it’s just like Brownsville in August.” The devil says, “That’s it, I’ll get this guy.” He walks over and turns the temperature down to a freezing 25 degrees below zero. “Now let’s see what the Texan has to say about this,” the devil thinks to himself. He looks around and finds the Texan jumping up and down for joy. “What are you so happy about now,” asks the devil. Still excited, the Texan replies, “YIPEE! The Rangers have finally won the World Series!”

    Stay Strong!

  4. I’ll swap you the heat! I’m sat here in so many layers I look like an Eskimo! Don’t worry about the promise of a daily image, we are all just happy to see one when we do and to know that you are all safe


  5. lovely friggin lovely

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