The calm before the storm

With the planning and preparation all complete, the orders delivered to all the soldiers then rehearsed, weapons and equipment cleaned and ready for the next fight and with each man knowing what he has to do, how he’s going to do it and with the support he has to achieve his mission. It’s now time to sit back and relax before the next mission begins.

These soldiers takes a quick break from the hustle of preparation to reflect about what could happen.

It is this life of a soldier which I admire the most, the ability to be at peace one minute and the next engaged at war with the ability to deal with everything.

These people are the reason for Project Afghan.




About robgrimesphotography

Experienced and enthusiastic, I have a real passion for photography that I have gained over the years and that shines through in my pictures and my portfolio. I specialise in capturing those spontaneous moments that we otherwise could lose, either at your wedding or on a relaxed family shoot of your choice. I am always happy to talk about photography, so if you think I might be the right person to take your photographs then give me a ring to discuss your pictures, they are yours after all. Also a full time serving soldier in the Infantry in the British Army, but soon to be leaving the forces after Project Afghan finishes.
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14 Responses to The calm before the storm

  1. Gary jamison says:

    Skills that crossover into every aspect of life

  2. Luke Heikkila says:

    in the first photo you captured a powerful image of reflection. thanks to you for sharing your talents.

    • robgrimesphotography says:

      Glad you liked the image mate! Hope the preparation is going ok and Afghanistan is waiting for you!

  3. connie says:

    🙂 Like the description, in this case it makes the photo. Which is a little weird as your photos are always great. As are these, but I think the description adds more impact to them.

    • robgrimesphotography says:

      I always go with what captures my thoughts when I see the image before hand, i capture the scene and then think about the title straight away. I then use the evening to word the write up for the images. Sometimes the situation just happens and I don’t need to thnk about anything. Rob x

  4. helen says:

    love them both but the top one is so touching, like hes really deep in thought while everything goes on around him. Lovely

    • robgrimesphotography says:

      Thanks for following and your kind words Helen, hope you enjoy following my blog and future posts. Rob x

  5. MrsBadge says:

    Great to see the guys, including my husband, hard at work. You have captured something really special, sometimes unexplainable, the hard working British Soldier x

  6. Love the shots Rob and the words are so very true. I was always amazed at how my father was able to be Dad the soldier at work and the come home and not bring his job with him and just be Dad the Dad.

    T x

    • robgrimesphotography says:

      it’s a true gift for a serviceman to be able to leave his job behind for the love of his family. X

  7. Cristina says:

    Beautiful images and amazing insights. x

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