Knights of Old

We are like Knights of old, we move around the battle field on our stallions clad in their armour, snorting at the morning air, primed and ready for battle, we fight for what we believe in and do what we do best. At the end of each day, with our armour dirty, our weapons stained, we rest and recover in our castle with a feast fit for a king, ready for the fight to begin again.

This image is taken during a brief break in training, although it is training we still conduct everything we do as if it was Afghanistan. What you see in this image is a home from home constructed out of the very armoured vehicles we use. A fortress in the middle of nowhere. On the outside we are a ring of steel providing protection and security for its soldiers, on the inside it is a home for its soldiers in which to rest, recover, plan tomorrow and observe the world.

We are a small part of what happens in Afghanistan, but we are all apart of Project Afghan.



About robgrimesphotography

Experienced and enthusiastic, I have a real passion for photography that I have gained over the years and that shines through in my pictures and my portfolio. I specialise in capturing those spontaneous moments that we otherwise could lose, either at your wedding or on a relaxed family shoot of your choice. I am always happy to talk about photography, so if you think I might be the right person to take your photographs then give me a ring to discuss your pictures, they are yours after all. Also a full time serving soldier in the Infantry in the British Army, but soon to be leaving the forces after Project Afghan finishes.
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