From a Soldiers View (day to night)

Being in the forces, you get to travel to some pretty amazing countries and locations, but also some not so great. But there is always one thing that amazes me each time and that’s the transition from day to night and the stunning view I see each time; the passing of each sunset.

There is also the knowledge of knowing that with each sunset comes a new day and it’s a day closer to going home!

This image was taken last night (23.02.12)



About robgrimesphotography

Experienced and enthusiastic, I have a real passion for photography that I have gained over the years and that shines through in my pictures and my portfolio. I specialise in capturing those spontaneous moments that we otherwise could lose, either at your wedding or on a relaxed family shoot of your choice. I am always happy to talk about photography, so if you think I might be the right person to take your photographs then give me a ring to discuss your pictures, they are yours after all. Also a full time serving soldier in the Infantry in the British Army, but soon to be leaving the forces after Project Afghan finishes.
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One Response to From a Soldiers View (day to night)

  1. We only ever got to see Germany or England, although we did have a posting to Cyprus but of course I was too young to remember – lol!
    Love the breaking of light through the clouds

    T x

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